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We are specialist Solar Engineers.

We supply and install Solar PV products.

If you are interested in a simple domestic PV system or a Commercial three phase system - we can help you through the process. We are also fully conversant with the Home Energy Scotland and Business Energy Scotland loan procedures and are MCS registered.

Whether a house, church, hotel, care home, castle, agricultural or industrial process we can find a cost effective solution to your needs - we like a challenge!

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  • Solar PV

    Solar Photovoltaic systems are still a fantastic way of using free energy from the sun. They produce a premium product in electricity which continues to become more important in our technology based lifestyles. As electricity prices continue to rise, and ways of storing free electricity improve and electric cars become commonplace, a free means of power is as attractive as ever, despite the decline in feed in tariff rates.

    Battery Storage

    Since the end of the feed-in-tariff, battery storage has been fundamental in making best use of solar PV, both as a  store of energy for peak evening use and for winter storage utilising cheap night time tariffs .

  • Solar PV

  • Incentives

    Although there is no longer a feed in tariff for Solar PV, the price of energy crisis has proved to be the biggest incentive to install - as payback times have reduced massively over the last year. There are interest free loans available for both solar PV and battery storage and there are some options for increased export payments.

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  • Welcome to the Energy Source UK Website.

    Having come this far, you are probably aware of many of the advantages and incentives for installing Solar PV. Energy Source UK are specialist engineers, who have been active in Solar installations since 2008.

    We specialise in unusual and difficult installations, where plug and play options are not always appropriate. Our years of experience in the field mean that whatever your requirements, we will provide bespoke full turnkey solutions, from design and supply through to complete installation and commissioning, including guidance with tariffs and applications. We offer free and confidential initial advice and consultation.

    This website provides a brief introduction to us and our services, with some information on products, incentives and case studies. Please follow the menus and links provided for more information.

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    High End Products and Installations

    Energy Source UK pride ourselves on using only high end products in our sales and installations.

    Products we specify include: JA Solar, Q-Cells, Canadian Solar, REC, Solis, SMA, Solax, Pylontech, Giv-Energy and BYD.

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    The incentives to install Biomass boilers will never be higher than now. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has just been introduced and will provide average system install payback in anything from 2 - 5 years. The Commercial incentive is still at its highest level, and will provide payments for 20 years

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    Solar PV

    Solar PV is still a great investment With a fit and forget system requiring little to no maintenance, PV is a steady producer of power and income for 20 years in both commercial and domestic sectors. As electricity is premium energy and as costs escalate, the incentive is still to install sooner than later read more

    Solar Thermal

    Solar thermal is now part of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, and can be installed on a smaller footprint than Solar PV. It is also a technology that can complement Biomass heating systems.

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    With targets to reduce CO2 emissions, the government has put in place long term incentives for people to switch from fossil fuels to alternative technologies. These will never be as high as they are now for Biomass installations, and still give great ROI for solar PV and Thermal projects.

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