Apart from the obvious savings in Carbon emissions that are made by using renewable energy sources instead of fossil  fuels for heat and electricity generation, there are a number of financial incentives to install renewable technology:

RHI–  The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government incentive managed by Ofgem which pays for heat produced by biomass boilers, solar thermal panels and other renewable heat technologies.  The current tariffs for Commercial RHI is 8.6p/kWh index linked for 20 years and for Domestic RHI12.2p/kWh index linked for 7 years.  For more details:  Renewable Heat Incentive

Feed In Tariff – this is the payment for electrical production for Solar Power and Wind installations, paid through the climate change levy on fuel bills and managed by Ofgem.  The current tariffs for electricity production on Solar PV is 14.5p per kWh for domestic installations and starts at 13.5p  for commercial installations.  For More Details: Feed In Tariff

Fuel Savings – The incentives to switch to biomass heating are increased by fuel savings against all fossil fuels, particularly against Oil, LPG and Electricity, where savings of 30% – 70% are possible. For more details: Fuel Savings